Vinca Minor

vinca-minor-common-periwinkleVinca are a group of low growing ground cover plants perhaps best known in the UK for Vinca minor or 'periwinkle' and sometimes the 'creeping myrtle.

Although the flowers of Vinca minor are pretty, they appear from spring through to autumn, it is the foliage that forms a dense mat that makes this plant such a valuable ground cover. It is fast spreading, low growing and requires little to no care. Excellent for beneath deciduous trees where it will grow in fairly dry conditions.

The glossy green foliage in itself works well as an attractive ground cover, reaching only around 8 inches this is a fast spreading plant that will send down roots wherever the stems come into contact with the ground.

Flower color on the species Vinca minor is a mauve, however cultivars such as 'atropurpurea' have deeper colored flowers, to a purple.

Growing conditions and care

Vinca minor is a tough plant, thriving in moist shaded positions, but still able to grow in drier sunny areas it can become a problem if left to ;get away'. We suggest planting in an area where you need a ground cover that will spread, because spread it will. We also suggest a position that has some 'natural boundaries, paths and buildings.

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