Brugmansia FlowerBrugmansia

Brugmansia are a fragrant large flowered plant also known as 'Angels Trumpet' and Datura.

Flower colours range from white (see picture of Brugmansia candida left) through to red and multi coloured species as well. Brugmansia are a poisonous plant.

The main attraction are the large flowers that hang down beneath

Where to grow Brugmansia

Brugmansia require a frost free position and protection from winter cold is important. We not call them 'easy care' however given a warm poition, or an enclosed patio you can grow them with just a little effort.

They do well in a large pot and are suitable for growing in a conservatory.

Brugmansia Care

The main issue with Brugmansia care in the UK is the cold and frosts. However, if you are prepared to grow them in containers, and are not afraid to prune them hard, you can grow them successfully.

Brugmansia are heavy feeders and require moist conditions to perform well. In the growing season feed every week with a good liquid fertilizer.

Overwintering Brugmansia in the UK

Brugmansia can be cut back very low to a bare stem, covered in straw and left to overwinter outdoors if needed.


Brugmansia plants and species or 'Angels Trumpets' (Datura) are a fascinating plant with beautiful flowers.

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