Berry Fruit Plants and Netting

Berry Fruits

Generally berry fruit varieties refer to small fruits that have either no seeds, or the seeds are small and edible. If we look at the most popular varieties the familiar Raspberry, Blackberry and Mulberry are well known. Although technically the Raspberry is not really a berry fruit.

One the surprising side, grapes and persimmons are both classed as berry fruits.

Berry fruit are classified as both cane fruit, bush fruit and small fruit, depending on growth habit.

Lesser known and new introductions include Acai Berry, Barberry, Huckleberry and Cloudberry

Being such a diverse group of plants growing conditions vary considerably and individual care instructions are available on specialist sections of this web site. Not all of these berry plants are suited to growing in the UK, however many are. So consider suitable varieties for you own garden, many are easy care and are well suited to our climate.

List of Berry Fruit

A few berry fruit hybrids are also available and these include