Astelia chathamica

With large silvery sword like foliage Astelia chathamica is the best known of this group of plants from New Zealand. Reaching over 1m in height Astelia chathamica is grown for the foliage and is a useful plant for a shaded position in the garden where the silvery blue - green foliage is a highlight.

The main requirements are free draining soil, some good sun and temperatures that do not drop below 5C (41F), this means container growing in colder areas. However it is a plant that grwos well in containers and can make a good archetectural plant on an enclosed patio during winter.

A few cultivars are becoming avialble including Astelia chathamica 'Silver Shadow' a compact grower with more silver in the foliage than the species.


Astelia chathamica (Silver Spear) is a popular cultivar that prefers part shade and a moist frost free position.

This is another of those plants that resents being moved and does not like to have its roots disturbed, so plant and leave alone.

You could grow them in a container in the right position if required.

Propagation by removing the offsets is the easiest way as seed does not seem to set.

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