Agastache rupestris

Flowering late in the season, Agastache are valuable for the color that they can add to the garden in autumn. Flower types do vary with Agastaches and we trhink that the hybrid A. foeniculum x A. rugosum 'Blackadder' is one that brings out the best in the genus. It also happens to be one of the hardiest for the UK climate.

Agastache plants are a group of perennial herbs attractive to birds and bees, and this is another welcome addition to the garden. Species such as A. rugosa, A. foeniculum along with cultivars such as Agastache 'blue fortune are all readily available for sale online, and in recent years the hardier types have been taking shelp space in garden centres.

New species and cultivars such as Agastache rupestris 'Apache Sunset' (see picture right) are also becoming more readily availalble.

Agastache prefer full sun and a well drained soil.

Available for sale in the UK from Mail Order Nurseries. Agastache rugosa or Purple Giant Hyssop, and the pink Agastache 'Painted Lady' are also popular cultivars.

Plant profile and growing conditions

Native to North America and Asia, Agastache are regarded as drought tolerant and are a very useful plant for the dry garden. Most are clump forming perennials and will grow to 1m, great plants for the perennial border.

Try growing agastache in a well drained humus rich soil in full sun. Agastache flower from late spring though summer with masses of bottlebrush like flowers that are attractive to bees and birds. A. rugosa x foeniculum 'Blue Fortune' is one to look for.

Try to leave the spent flower heads and the foliage over winter, they add intest and also offer a little protection from the winter chills. You can prune back in spring, as soon as the weather warms a little.

Propagation is from basal cuttings.

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