A deciduous tree or shrub also known as Prickly Ash, Chinese Prickly Ash and Flatspine Prickly Ash.

Zanthoxylum beecheyanum is commonly known as the Chinese Pepper or Sichuan Pepper, however this variety is mainly used for bonsai.

Zanthoxylum schinifolium Z. simulans and Z. piperatum are the species that are most widely used for the small red to brown berries that are dried and used in both Chinese and Japanese cooking.

These are more of a small thorny bush than a tree, however the pungent and fiery peppercorns are much sought after.

Zanthoxylum Care

If you want to grow your own, one plant will provide plenty of peppercorns, they do like full sun and may form a largish bush after a few years. Simply prune them back to size as required.

Zanthoxylum Varieties

Zanthoxylum are available for sale from the following nurseries

CRÛG FARM PLANTS - phone: (+44) 01248 670232
Bleddyn & Sue Wynn-Jones,
Griffiths Crossing, Caernarfon, GWYNEDD, LL55 1TU
We are a small nursery on the North Wales coast, which specialised in introducing new plants into cultivation, from seeds collected on our world-wide expeditions. Which include shade plants, climbers, species Hydrangea, Araliaceae, rare trees & shrubs, Convallariaceae, herbaceous & bulbous.

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