Wild Flower Bulbs and Plants for the UK garden.

With the push for more British wildflowers to be planted to maintain our own National bio diversity you can now have wildflower seed, plugs and even bulbs delivered for planting in your own garden.

Wildflowers help support our native fauna, beneficial insects and the like, so they play an important part maintaining the environment.

You can choose from :

Best wildflowers for the UK

From the Common Cowslip to St John's Wort, wildflowers come in many varieties, we list a few favorites.

Where to plant wildflowers

You can simply plant them in the border, where they blend in with other perennials and annuals. Its a step in the right direction without sacrificing your whole garden.

You can choose to replace your lawn, or a section of it and create a perennial meadow, or an annual one, depending on the plants.

When to plant wildflowers

This will depend a little on if you are using seeds, plugs or bulbs. Generally sow in spring, as soon as the weather warms a little, new growth will be quicker and germination will be easier.

You do need to wait until water logged soils have dried a little.

Choosing the best wildflowers

The trick here is to not plant aggressive species that will crowd out everything else.

Bulbs and plants for naturalizing into meadow and garden situations are a popular low care addition to many UK gardens. Wild Flower Bulbs and Plants are available for sale in bulk from many UK growers.

Wildflower seeds and Bulbs are available for sale from the following suppliers

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