Hanging Basket with perennial flowers

Hanging Baskets

Both Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Baskets for flowers and garden are a popular way of displaying plants both indoors and outdoors.

Hanging baskets can be purchased in a wide range of sizes, and are also available in a range of styles and materials best suited to your application. They are suitable for displaying a wide range of plants both indoors, on the patio and outdoors.

The biggest problem with hanging baskets is the tendancy for them to dry out quickly. Here you have two alternatives, either use drought tolerant plants, or be prepared to water regularly.

Using the right growing medium can also assist, many water retentive growing mediums are available that will help make life easier.

Choice of plants also assists, succulentts and geraniums are tough and survive with less water than other plants.

Hanging Baskets are suitable for a wide range of plants and provide an excellent means of creating both a permanent display or a seasonal display indoors, on the patio or outdoors. Hanging baskets are easily moved to provide instant colour in season.

Best Plants for hanging baskets.

hBromeliads in Hanging BasketInterestingly many plants can be grown in hanging baskets, however a few traits are desirable. Look for plants with small root systems. Plants that have a trailling habit also look great hanging down.

Bromeliads grow well in hanging baskets and add an unusual touch of color and texture.

Materials for Hanging Baskets

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