Eremurus (foxtail lilies) are a clump forming perennial related to the lily family. And these wonderful exotic looking plamts have recieved some attention from hybridisers ove rthe years with the Ruiter hybrids being a E . isabellinus x E . ruiter type being very popular.

The flower spikes iof the hybrids range from pink to yellow and white, tall spires with hundreds of small flowers opening sequentially from bottom to top. Very colorful in the garden, and excellent as cut flowers.

All Eremurus are fast growers, quickly reaching around 1m (3ft) in height.

Eremurus robustus is a taller growing species Ruiter and Shelford Hybrids are slightly shorter growing. Eremurus stenophyllus have striking golden flowers on long spikes to that reach 100cm, well worth a place in the garden.


Eremurus need a well drained soil and protection from frosts in early spring. With flower spikes often reaching to 125cm and more Eremurus make a stately addition to the perennial border.

As the foliage dies back you can prune them back to ground level, mulch them and leave them for the winter.

In poorly drained soils, or in zones subject to a freeze in winter you will need to dig the tubers and stire them over winter.

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