A group of Asian plants that have highly ornamental flowers, Curcuma are best known for Curcuma longa (Tumeric). It is however many of the other Curcuma varieties are also grown for the flowers. Generally sold as house plants and grown for a season where the flowers will last nearly a month. They do like humidity and warmth at the same time.


Other Species include:

Curcuma cordata, Curcuma gracillima and Curcuma parviflora.


All prefer semi shade and need to over wintered indoors in the UK. So these are really patio plants at the best, they do not like temperatures below 12 C at all. If you have a small conservatory you will have no problems growing them.

Generally sold as rhizomes, although flowering plants are offered in some stores, gardeners are easily tempted by the exotic blooms. If you are growing them indoors, them try the old trick of the pebbles in the dish be;ow the pot to increase humidity. Our heated environmnets are usually dry and Curcuma do like added humidity.

A slow release fertilizer applies in spring is usually adequate.

Regular watering all through the active growing season. In the UK the tubers should be lifted as dormancy sets in and stored over winter.

Curcuma plants are availoable for sale from the following growers

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