Banana Plants

Banana Plants Musa or Ensete are grown in the UK for their ornamental foliage, and its the cold hardy ones we are after, non are really frost hardy.

Enset glacuum, Musa laterita, Musa velutina, Musa Chini Champa are grown indoors or in conservatories for best results. Musa basjoo is a nearly hardy species that given protection from frosts can be grown outdoors in warmer areas.

Musa Sikkimensis is an interesting species from the Himalayas, green and brown variegation in the foliage is the feature, like all musa species this one will produce suckers that can be divided during winter if required.

Growing conditions and care

For indoors try Musella lasiocarpa or 'Chinese Dwarf Banana' reaching only around 6ft it can look great in a container in a well lit area. All banana plants need a fe draining soil, they do like moisture especially in the warmer months but do not like to be water logged. Warmth and light, with no frosts are the secret to growing these plants.

Fertilize frequently during active growth, once every 2 - 3 weeks, as banana plants are heavy feeders.

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