Aconitum pyrenaicum 'Lamarckii'

One of the more interesting relations to the common 'blue' aconite is the yellow flowering Aconitum Lamarckii. The pale yellow flowers on tall spikes against the green foliage add a nice contrast to the garden border.

This is a clump forming perennial rarely seen for sale. Native to the Pyrennes and Alps, hence the name pyrenaicum, and also some understanding of the required growing conditions.

Growing Conditions

Reaching around 1m in height Aconitum Lamarckii prefers a humus rich moist soil and a sunny position with some protection from the hot afternoon sun in warmer areas.

We suggest planting beneath a deciduous tree, preferably where it will get sun in the morning and a little shade in the afternoon.

If allowed to dry out, or if planted in hot sun these plants tend not to do well at all.

Pruning and Dividing

Flowering from early summer to autumn clumps can be divided in early spring as they get larger. Plants can be cut back in late winter or earlier to tidy up before the next seasons growth.

John Allman

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