Garden Sieves

Garden sieves are made from a range of materials including Metal, Timber, Stainless Steel and Plastic garden sieves and mechanical Rotary Garden Sieves. Each material has its own benefits however consider size, and weight when looking for garden sieves for sale.

Large garden sieves are great for working large amounts of soil, however they can be heavy. Small garden sieves handles less material however are light and well suited to smaller gardens.


Garden Sieve Uses

Garden sieves or soil sieves are used for a variety of purposes including

Types of Graden Sieves

Garden sieves are usually metal or plastic. Metal sieves are generally stronger and more useful. Wooden garden sieves are also popular, traditional garden sieves are actually made from English Beech and are still available.

Some makes are stainless steel,and have 3 different gauge (fine, medium and course) interchangeable mesh bottoms to suit different uses.

Rotary garden sieves are useful for creating a fine even soil mix.

Mechanical garden or soil sieves are available for commercial use.

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