Guide to Buying Garden Plants

It has never been easier to buy plants for the garden from online mail order nurseries in the UK. Buying Plants might be as simple as ordering from your local nursery or Garden Centre or looking for plants for sale from the many online specialist nurseries in another parts of the UK.


When you buy plants from gardening websites you have access to the widest range of plants and some of the most competitive prices as well. Cheap plants can be found, as well as at plant sales, however it is always best to look for quality and well grown plants whether you are shopping online, at a plant fair or in the local garden centre.


An attractive garden can transform an ordinary house into something special, most real estate agents will agree that an attractive established garden will not only add value to your home but also make it easier to sell.

An attractive garden also makes a home more liveable. With the ease of being able to research and then buy plants online from mail order nurseriesthe internet is a great way of planning your garden and finding plants for sale.

With many landscaping jobs a large number of plants are required to successfully create an attractive garden and online nurseries can supply bulk plants at attractive prices and with most plantings of perennials and ornamental grasses it is always best to buy a number of plants of the same type to plant in groups or clumps. Flowering bulbs are another garden plant best purchased in numbers, groups of 8 or 10 try this with tulips, daffodils and even smaller growing bulbs like crocus

Structural trees and shrubs should be some of the first plants considered with any landscaping or garden renovation job. Trees and shrubs provide the backbone of garden design and are also important when considering other plantings as they will determine which areas will be shaded, this influences other plantings. Deciduous tree and shrubs are available during winter when they are dormant, evergreen trees are always found as potted specimens.

Online mail order nurseries that specialise in smaller plants such a bulbs and perennials offer a wide range of plants that simply cannot be found in garden centres due to the constraints of space, these plants are usually available for sale by mail order or post. Trees and Shrubs both wholesale and retail can also be found online, usually with extensive growing and cultivation notes that make choosing plants for a parti cular position or climate much easier.

Visit our Specialist UK Nursery Page 100s of Online Nurseries offering plants listed by species all available to buy online for delivery by post.

With literally 1000s of nurseries offering plants for sale you can also save a lot of time by comparing species, cultivars, availability, sizes and prices before purchasing. If you are buying a large number of plants from the one nursery you may also be able to get slightly cheaper prices, however quality plants are usually not cheap, you usually get what you pay for. Consider using our directory as a way of easily finding a number of places where you can buy plants online of similar size and quality

If you are ordering trees and larger shrubs make sure you specify delivery at a time you are ready to plant, with larger specimens you may need machinery to excavate for planting or even a crane to lift the plants into position, this is particularly true of commercial developments.

At we feature the best mail order nurseries as well as wholesale nurseries who supply trees, hedging plants and shrubs to the landscaping industry. We welcome additions of online plant nurseries that supply the landscaping and general gardening public in the UK. We are more than happy to feature both small specialist nurseries as well as large plant wholesalers.

When looking to buy plants online it is always best to compare plant catalogues and prices, with so many different species offered by a range of nurseries prices differ, some nurseries may be cheaper for specific plants, however it is the total order including postage and packaging that determines if plants are actually cheap. Cheap plants are not always a bargain, look for the BEST PLANTS at a good price.

After you have purchased plants for sale online.

Remember that when you buy plants online they should be a pleasure to unpack, any problems contact the nursery concerned try to return and exchange the plants or cancel the sale and ask for a return of purchase price..

John Allman 

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